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What is Remote Access?

Remote Access is a term used in communications where a user accesses data and software such as HairlinkSQL, Office, accounting software, email etc from a remote location or home. For example, staff can log in from their home computer and access their computer at the business as if they were sitting in front of it.

One of the most secure and reliable methods is Remote Desktop. Remote desktop is recommended by CFL, comes free with your Windows operating system and can be configured by CFL or your local IT provider. Remote Access can be achieved in many other ways as well such as VPNs, Terminal Services, , VNC and lately more popular web services such as Log Me In. 

What is Log Me In?

Log Me In is a web service which provides many personal and business solutions for easy and secure access of data and software from remote locations using computers and mobile devices. Log Me In is easier to setup than traditional approaches like VPNs and Remote Desktop. Although more secure, these approaches require configuration of modems, routers and firewalls and this usually has to be done by system engineers in order to be done properly and securly. On the other hand web services such as Log Me In are very easy to setup, manange and no firewall configuration needs to be done. These services are also web based which means that you can access your computer from anywhere and any machine with a browser. For example, if you are away at a conference without your laptop and quickly want to check something on your computer at the business all you need is an secure internet connection with browser access.  

Who may want to look at this?

Log Me In is useful for any user that wishes to log in to their computer remotely over a web browser from locations where Remote Desktop is unable to be configured, eg from a secure web browser at a hotel. It is especially useful for users wanting to log in and check HairlinkSQL for business financials, client accounts or tomorrows appointment schedule plus much more.

What are some of the advantages of Log Me In?

  • Free or lower cost remote access alternative dependent on feature set required
  • Excellent performances and easy to use solution
  • Support for Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Support for Mobile Devices, IPad and IPhone
  • Easy files transfer between the user and the remote PC
  • Very secure
  • Easy setup 

DISCLAIMER: While HairlinkSQL has been tested with Log Me In services, CFL does not warrant or guarantee this product or its ability or compatibility with any 3rd party applications now or in the future including HairlinkSQL. CFL recommends that all users follow advice from their IT provider. Also, the preferred method of remote access by CFL support is Remote Desktop (RDP). Therefore a working RDP connection must still be available for HairlinkSQL support.

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