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New recommended service

An Annual Database Health Check & Maintenance Service (ADMS) is now available from Computer Fanatics Limited (CFL), and is highly recommended for all practices. Please give CFL a call to get quote.

What does my software maintenance fee cover?

Your “Software Maintenance Fee” covers you for the maintenance of the HAIRLINKSQL application, future updates and professional helpdesk assistance via phone calls and dial-in resources. HAIRLINKSQL is a single common application developed and licensed for use by CFL for your business. We have control on its ability to perform on a reliable and recommended hardware and network platform. The actual “data” however, is the property of the practice and each and every database is unique in its content and size, as well as the “environment” that it is run, used in, and “cared for”. While CFL is responsible for the HAIRLINKSQL application, the actual database, its content, and backup remains the responsibility of the owner/user of same. It is not different to say, holding Microsoft responsible for the data in your Word or EXCEL file.

Why do I need this?

Just as anything that “functions” and changes all the time, regular maintenance is highly recommended. A database that is continually used to access, add, and delete information should be “serviced” on a regular basis to avoid major problems such as corruption and loss of data. Just as a car’s engine requires servicing to avoid minor issues turning into major ones, a database also deserves regular attention. Of course the quality of the “environment” is also a factor in a DB’s health. Currently there are clinics that have up to date hardware and networks that have regular scheduled maintenance contracts with their providers, or have in-house engineers with well structured network policies, but others may have outdated hardware with intermittent faulty events causing frequent issues. Others may have a somewhat unstructured and ad-hoc approach to system maintenance. All network environments and their upkeep is different.

What we recommend

Due to the varied environments and in some cases a lack of attention to regular maintenance, CFL highly recommends that you subscribe to a DB expert to provide an ADMS of your database. This service will not be available by helpdesk staff as they are not qualified to carry out such maintenance and repairs. Any data damage, or suspected damage that requires a “maintenance fix” will only be carried out by a DB expert and billed out for time as incurred at their hourly rate (please refer to the price list).

Annual health check & maintenance plus insurance

It is important to note that having an ADMS does not preclude your system from having issues at other times during the course of the year due to “environmental” issues. For this reason, we have decided to offer a “Package” that includes a one-off ADMS and up to 2 FREE DB repairs (excluding viruses) throughout the year as an insurance cover. With well maintained hardware and a reliable network we do not envisage “fixes” will be required but it is provided as insurance for peace of mind to subscribers. Any more than two issues a year will mean that a serious issue exists on-site in your environment and a senior HAIRLINKSQL consultant is required on-site to review your setup with your engineers.

What will I get with the annual health check & maintenance cover?


The Check: Firstly your database will be backed up and checked to make sure that it has been working in the first place. Recommendations can be made where deemed appropriate.
The Maintenance: This is a special process, with expert involvement, that will run through your database and do the following:
Re-Index: This process will check all links and re-index the DB to make it more efficient and increase performance. It will also check the DB’s integrity.
Garbage Collection: This process with a “sweep” and “mend” will fix any broken records, delete roll-back records “hogging” up the system as well old logs, and remove all deleted records to compact the database. The result will be a much smaller sized database with increased performance and better integrity.

What if I dont subscribe?

This service is highly recommended but not mandatory. It is not dissimilar to your car being serviced. This means that any and every event on your database will be addressed by experts but you will have to pay for costs as incurred. Some of these issues could be minor taking only an hour or so, and others could incur costs in the thousands if it is serious. We suggest that you consider this option seriously and make your own informed decision. For larger businesses we recommend that the Management Team documents any such decision.

So what will it cost to subscribe to this service?

Each individual clinic will have an environment and database of a certain size. For this reason we will quote based on the size and complexity of the business, database, and the environment. Please email in the first instance with your interest. A price will be determined by the DB expert in conjunction with the helpdesk team for your clinic, after which you will be provided with a proposal.

When will it be done?

This service will be performed during business hours at a pre-arranged time. It will require all users to exit the system, and under ideal conditions, should take 60 to 90 minutes. For practices that cannot afford to close during business hours, a pre-arranged after-hours service can be arranged (similar to updates) at an additional fee.

Important note

It is important to reiterate here that the general helpdesk team members are not DB experts and will not attend to any repairs/fixes of client data. Any such work will only be addressed by a qualified DB expert and time will be billed out as incurred at their hourly rate.

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