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Monday, November 29, 2021


The appointments diary is probably one of the most powerful features of this application.

Intelligent checking is automatically done when an appointment is made regarding overdue accounts, recalls, special VIP status, address confirmation options, important pop-up notes, preferred operators and much more, so that the staff member is able to provide the very best personal service to clients.

A subset of the full feature set includes:

  • Automatic staff scheduling using a roster (static, rotating, and one-off)
  • Task Lists against Staff for messages, tasks and reminders
  • Drag ‘N Drop and Stretch ‘N Squash to handle appointments
  • Colour-coded appointment status indicators such as:
    • Confirmed
    • Replied (Full SMS / TXT reply from client)
    • Arrived and waiting
    • In Progress
    • Ready
    • Finished (paid and left)
  • User defined graphical layout with staff photos
  • User defined staff layout on-screen
  • User defined multiple pre-programmed zoom levels
  • User defined independent staff rosters
  • User defined appointment reasons linked directly to billing menu
  • User defined “Rooms” booking system for
    • Define resources such as rooms or equipment
    • Book client with staff against a resource
    • Automatically checks availability of resource when booking
    • Graphical view of resource bookings
  • Make multiple appointments simultaneously (linked appointments)
    • Appointments linked
    • Moving main appointment will move subsequent one correctly
    • Billing will populate bill items for both appointments
    • Appointment confirmations will work for both
    • User choice to send one or two confirmation messages
  • Automated 2-way TXT (SMS) Message Confirmations
  • Full TXT (SMS) message reply returned to appointment email appointment reminders
  • Appointment search (free slot) options by client criteria such as:
    • Date Range
    • Suitable days
    • Staff Preference or otherwise
    • Appointment Duration
  • High speed appointment search for client’s future bookings
  • High Speed access to Point of Sale from appointment book
  • Automatic prompt for re-bookings
  • Ability to record requested staff member
  • Indicates preferred staff to user when booking appointment
  • One-click to update contact details while making appointments
  • Right Click Options Galore such as:
    • Print/View past histories
    • Print client update forms
    • Print consent forms
    • Confirm appointment
    • Mark as client arrived
    • Send ad-hoc SMS / TXT and email messages
    • Check SMS/TXT reply from client
    • Bill client
  • Graphical View shows full appointment details with mouse-roll-over tips
    • Client Name
    • Appointment Reason
    • Client phone numbers for easy access to contact client
    • Start and end times as well as duration
    • Full appointment ad-hoc notes typed in when appointment made
  • Graphical ICONS appear based on certain criteria
    • New Client Icon
    • Bad Payer Icon
    • Bad debtor Icon
    • Client got requested Staff Icon (Happy Face)
    • Client got someone other than requested Icon

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