Monday, November 29, 2021
Client Records

Client Records

Accurate client information is critical to the success of any business. For this reason, client information recording is monitored by the program to achieve a clean contact management database:

  • Eliminates duplicates by checking as data is entered
  • Disallows staff to enter data until one contact detail is taken
  • Accurate and high speed recording of street addresses via a self-generating street database
  • Identification to management of incomplete client data entered by staff – eg. Only phone but no address, etc

The client record also has the following:

  • Client Photos - access directly from any USB digital device
  • Full contact details
  • A “Known as” field for letters and communication
  • Account balances and sales analysis history
  • Recalls and reminders
  • Personalised discount schedules with time frames
  • User-defined marketing flags and client categories
  • Client Communication preferences for different services (see Marketing)
  • Account History and transactions
  • Financial history including Loyalty Point History
  • Full Document Manager for letters, emails, SMS and notes
  • Recording of referrals
  • Communication preference (eg. No SMS but emails OK and no calls)
  • Barcodes – self generating or scan in from loyalty card

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