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Client Records: Database Technology

Client Records: Database Technology

We understand that Client information recording has to be accurate and fast. To this end, the client information recording process has been totally “revolutionized” during the design process of this product. Amongst many other features, the following are key points of interest:

Client Profiles:

A technology called “Client Profiling” has been implemented in HAIRLINKSQL. This allows management to design and designate “profile” names into the system that a user is able to select. This profile has several pre-determined data that automatically gets populated into the client record, thereby making sure that the client has been designated the correct information, and, making sure that busy staff do not have to key in lots of data.

Duplicate Clients:

Most staff tend to be busy when taking client information. This has two major consequences. One major problem is that incomplete client information gets recorded, and management does not have “tools” to track this trend. The other is that duplicate client records are created when some minor information is not interpreted correctly, usually over the phone. HAIRLINKSQL has been designed to contain these problems with intelligent technology.

When client information is taken during an appointment, a number of smart features take over. Firstly, the “Finish” button is unavailable to the user until the basic minimal information has been taken. This means that the user is unable to save the record and proceed further unless some contact information has been taken. Furthermore, if very little information is taken (eg. only phone number but not the address), an intelligent procedure within the program automatically marks this record internally as an “incomplete” record. A standard report is then available to management of all such clients. This report can then be used periodically to update client records as well as identify staff members who are responsible for this behaviour.

Finally, when the minimal information has been taken, and the record is about to be saved, an intelligent “SQL Stored Procedure” algorithm is used to see if a client with similar details already exists in the database. The user is then shown the list so that client records are not duplicated. This, obviously, has huge implications later as the database grows and comprehensive marketing campaigns are run. With HAIRLINKSQL, you can be assured of a clean and lean database!

Address Database:

Many users find it very time consuming to enter address details. This has traditionally been because each address detail has to be typed over and over again for each and every client. This leads to spelling mistakes and also limits the ability to search clients by their address in case of misspelled names, name changes, etc.

HAIRLINKSQL has an “intelligent” address database. Instead of just having a “pick list” of streets, this technology is much smarter. As addresses are entered over time, the entire street name is stored and converted into a database index so that only one unique copy is stored. When entering client street information, for example, typing a few letters of the address will automatically zoom to the correct street. In most cases, a client address can be entered in only a few key-strokes! This feature allows high speed data entry that is accurate and fully indexed for easy searches in future! A number of smart utilities also accompany this feature set that allow merging of streets, spelling corrections, etc in case errors had been made during initial entry. The best part is that one change in the street database automatically updates all relevant clients! An added bonus is that because the address database is now “structured”, mail-outs in the marketing module can be collated accurately for possible discounts from the postal service! If the option to link the street to a suburb is activated, future postcodes / zip codes can potentially be updated for thousands of clients by making a single change!

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