Monday, November 29, 2021
Multi-Branch Systems

Multi-Branch Systems

The traditional method of maintaining multiple branches has always been to have independent systems with a data transfer to a central “enterprise server” for consolidation and updates. With the advent of fast internet speeds and cost effective access to VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), this method is now considered obsolete.

HAIRLINKSQL caters for multi-branch as well as the more advanced multi-company or “Enterprise” option.

The design of HAIRLINKSQL caters for running of all branches fully live and online at all times (24/7) off a single server database. The design allows for:

  • Live data backups while users online
  • Live “End-Of-Day” cash-ups while users are online
  • Live “End-Of-Month” procedures while users online
  • Live Pricing updates while users online
  • Live simultaneous stocks orders and receipts
  • Live simultaneous stock takes at each location
  • Order at branch level or Head Office
  • Receipt at branch level or Head Office
  • Payment to Creditors at Branch level or Head Office
  • Centralised single client database without duplicate records
  • Centralised marketing for all or branch-specific
  • Centralised accounting for all or branch-specific
  • Ability to have centralized “call-centre” for appointments
  • Ability to have centralized “call-centre” for confirmations
  • Still has ability to distinguish client “ownership” by branch

“Long gone are the days of scrambling around for a pencil, when you can quickly make automated appointments. With pre-set time allocations for your treatments, lost time is eliminated and accuracy is a lot higher. With four busy spas connected via a single server (via the internet), we can also make bookings for other locations if we are unable to accommodate the client in one location. With numerous reports available it easy to locate nearly any piece of information for analysis and planning. With automated text reconfirmations, front desk staff are more free to look after clients in person. I would highly recommend HAIRLINKSQL for any business operator wanting to offer a high level of service, and wanting to have the right information available to analyse and grow their business”.
HADY WENHAM – Owner, Forme Skin & Body

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