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Monday, November 29, 2021


One of the most important reasons that salons and clinics purchase this software is to be able to produce smart reports and have information on KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).

There is a very large suite of reports that is, in fact, too large to mention here. Every report also has a range of options within it to produce very specific information. Reports, amongst many other things cover:

Staff Performance Reports: 

  • Number of clients seen with new and regular breakdowns 
  • Total dollars earned with services and retail breakdown 
  • Total dollars earned with new and regular client breakdowns 
  • Dollar per client averages with new and regular breakdowns 
  • Rebooking statistics per staff member 
  • Request statistics per staff member

Staff Sales Analysis: 

  • Sales by Retail and Services 
  • Sales by user-defined categories 
  • Sales by each and every product/service

Product / Service Sales Analysis: 

  • Product Category sales by dates 
  • Product sales, cost, profit and margins 
  • Product last sold date (identify fast and slow movers) 

Client Analysis: 

  • Top “N” clients by sales and profit 
  • Top “N” clients by sales in retail or services, or both 
  • Client Category sales analysis 
  • Client lists based on several criteria 
  • Client address labels on several criteria
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