Saturday, October 23, 2021
The Technology

The Technology

HAIRLINKSQL is full of modern programming technology which will assist the user and allow sophisticated processes to be implemented. Some major architectural technology is features are explained below.

SQL Database:

HAIRLINKSQL uses an industrial strength SQL (Structured Query Language) database. This technology provides a very high degree of reliability and robustness and allows very fast retrieval of information regardless of the database size. Reporting with SQL databases are also made very easy and virtually “anything” is possible. SQL databases also allow “Stored Procedures” to be stored in the database for very fast access to information.

Stored Procedures:

HAIRLINKSQL uses a large number of stored procedures to do complex tasks. Stored procedures in SQL databases are “programs” that are written into the data itself, and can process huge tasks across a huge database within fractions of a second with a very high degree of reliability. At last count, there were over 300 stored procedures in HAIRLINKSQL. One example of a stored procedure use is the “building” of statements ready for printing. For a client base of around 10,000, a statement build can take as little as 2 minutes – and this is while all users are still online using the entire application during the day!

MDI Technology:

MDI (Multiple Document Interface), technology allows the user an unlimited number of windows to work on at the same time. Unlike legacy applications where you have to close a task window to do another task, this technology allows multiple windows to be open at the same time on-screen.

Some older applications will achieve limited success by either allowing you to run multiple copies of the program or provide “tabs” to access other relevant information. This should not be confused with true modern MDI technology where you decide (and not the program) as to where and what you want to be working on. This technology allows full and independent windows on-screen (not minimized) to do virtually anything at any time. For example, you may, in the middle of receipting an inward goods invoice, make an appointment, a bill, run a report, run statements, or do ALL of those things simultaneously on you screen! Basically, you may work on as many tasks as you like at the same time.

Intelligent Notes:

This is an embedded technology with the program. This feature allows the user to create one-time only or shared notes (with full mail-merge capability) that may be “attached” to clients or products. The “sticky” notes may then be “programmed” by the user to pop up or print all throughout the program based on the user’s preference. Examples include: Pop Up at Appointment, Pop Up at Billing, Pop Up on Arrival, Pop Up on Order, Print on Bill, Pop Up on Inward Goods Receipting, etc. With this embedded technology in place, future updates of the program will simply add on new attributes for Pop Ups and Printing wherever required.

Object Oriented:

HAIRLINKSQL is developed using modern OOT (Object Oriented Technology). This allows for a very well structured code base that is easy to maintain and update. “Objects”, once written and tested, may be used all throughout the program with ease. A bug-fix on an object means that the entire application where the object is implemented is automatically updated and fixed. This is the only way forward for modern applications – ask your vendor in writing if their application is Object Oriented – if not, you could be buying very old legacy technology.

Zero Downtime Design:

HAIRLINKSQL has been designed so that virtually all tasks can be performed while users are busy using the application. These include, but are not limited to: 

    • End Of day Cash-Ups (multiple tills / branches online) 
    • Database Backups 
    • Statement Printing 
    • End Of Periods for all Ledgers 
    • Bulk Mailers and mail-merge letters / reports

Document Manager:

A document Manager is integrated into every Client and Product/Service record. This component provides a fast and easy method for the creation, storage, and retrieval of information such as Notes, Phone Notes, Letters, emails, and SMS messages. While MS Word can also be used, an integrated fully graphical word processor is built-in with a full one-step mail-merge functionality at every workstation, thereby reducing the overall cost of implementation for the practice. The fully integrated word processor can be used to make standard templates that can automatically populate all variables for instant mail-merge! Best of all, it is supplied free of charge with HAIRLINKSQL.

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